The life and times of a physics teacher (Warning: May contain sarcasm)

10 things about me

Defining yourself is difficult and I guess I’d be inclined to waffle. So here is a list of things I think it is important to know about me;

1. I love physics.

2. I love swimming. I also love triathlons.

3. I love travelling. I prefer driving or motorbiking to flying because you see more.

4. I love skiing and snowboarding. Snowboarding slightly more.

5. I love my job. I teach physics at a secondary school (ages 11 – 18) and it really doesn’t get much better than that.

6. I love literature. Although I didn’t study English past the age of 16 I still have a passion for it.

7. I enjoy fixing things.

8. If there’s ever a situation where I say ‘someone should do something about this’ I always try to be that someone.

9. I try to be thoughtful towards friends and strangers alike.

10. I am currently attempting to learn how to bake – with mixed success.

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